What is hair mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy can be defined as a complementary and alternative treatment that is administered as a drug injection to the mesoderm-derived layer of the skin. Mesotherapy is used in the treatment of diseases such as facial rejuvenation and cellulite as well as hair loss. Mesotherapy preparations are prepared for each treatment consisting of a mixture of different chemical substances.

The process of delivering nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, some antioxidants and proteins needed by hair cells to the middle layer of the skin where the hair follicles are located is called hair mesotherapy with the help of syringes with fine-tipped and disposable sterile mesotherapy needles. With this method, the nutrients are transferred directly to the hair follicles. This easy-to-apply method ensures good nutrition of hair cells and prevents hair loss.

The application can be done manually or with the help of computer aided devices. The use of computerized devices is better for the even distribution of the drug in each region. 2-4 mm needles are used in the application. With this application, all the nutrients needed by the hair cells are easily applied to the scalp. It does not require a surgical procedure, it is considered as a painless and painless method.

How is hair mesotherapy performed?

Since hair loss is a common problem, different methods are being developed for treatment. Hair loss, hair transplantation, laser technique and many other treatment methods are used. Hair mesotherapy is one of the treatment methods used to prevent hair loss and to ensure the health of the hair. Hair mesotherapy stimulates mesoderm to reduce shedding complaints to a great extent.

Before a hair mesotherapy, after a special massage applied to the scalp, the skin is softened by thermotherapy (steam application).

In the hair mesotherapy application, the chemical mixture to be injected is specially prepared according to the structure of the hair, the shape and density of the shedding and the rate of wear. These mixtures include blood circulation enhancers, vitamins and various trace elements. The prepared mixture is delivered to the middle skin layer by micro injector with sterile mesotherapy needles at the end.

Mesotherapy is performed by hand or mesotherapy guns. However, it is very difficult and time-consuming to adjust the dosage of the drug during application by hand and to be able to apply it evenly to the scalp surface. The computer-controlled mesotherapy gun can be applied to all scalp more easily and evenly. The dose of the injected drug can be monitored on the computer screen.

After the application, the hair should not be washed for a certain period of time and no chemicals should be applied to the hair.

Number of hair mesotherapy sessions

Hair mesotherapy is usually done in 10 sessions. Each session lasts 15-30 minutes. However, the number of sessions to be applied is decided by analyzing the hair structure of the people.

In the analyzes, the number and intervals of treatment sessions are decided by considering the patient age, hair wear rate, shedding rate and the structure of the hair strand.

Hair mesotherapy is generally applied in 10 sessions. Sessions are 10-15 minutes in men and shorter than in women. The mesotherapy session is 30 minutes for women. After the first four sessions are performed in the form of an error, the other sessions are held every 15 days. Once all sessions have been completed, supplementary sessions can be performed once a month to support treatment.

The effect of hair mesotherapy on hair

Hair mesotherapy stimulates the hair follicles in the middle skin layer, thus reducing shedding complaints to a great extent or stopping them completely.

Nourishes hair cells With hair mesotherapy, hair loss is significantly stopped because the nutrients needed by hair cells are given directly to the roots.

Leaves hair healthier & more vibrant

Hair loss is not only in the form of shedding. Hair loss may occur in the form of thinning, rupture, fraying density and volume loss. Thickening of hair mesotherapy, vitality, fullness occurs.

With hair mesotherapy, it is possible to regenerate the cells and thus the hair, because the nutrients needed by the hair cells are given directly to the hair follicles.

What is the effect duration of mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy provides long-term healing of hair compared to external treatments. The effect of hair mesotherapy varies depending on the causes of the loss, the shape and intensity of the loss. This effect usually ranges from three to four years. The application may be repeated after three to four years.

Who can apply hair mesotherapy?

Hair Mesotherapy can be applied to men and women of all ages who experience hair loss problems. Hair Mesotherapy is very easy to apply, painless and painless because it can be done to people in the younger age groups.

Chemicals used in hair mesotherapy

The main components used in hair mesotherapy are:

Some vitamins and minerals and stimulants: dexpanthenol (Vitamin B5), Biotin, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, multivitamins, vitamin B5, Vitamin H (vitamin B7) cobalt, copper, sulfur, magnesium, ginkgo biloba, minoxidil
Vascular expanders: peridyl heparin and buffomedilorganic silicon, lidocaine
Local anesthesia medicationsIn addition, other additional chemicals may be used in hair mesotherapy, taking into account the individual’s needs.

Is hair mesotherapy a painful treatment?

Hair mesotherapy is known as a painless and painless application. Patients do not feel pain because very thin needles are used in practice.

What are the advantages of hair mesotherapy?

  • It can be applied locally to the scalp. Therefore, the application can be limited to the area or areas of hair loss.
    The nutrients needed by the hair cells are injected directly into the skin layer where the hair follicles are located.
  • The treatment is effective in a short time.
  • Leaves hair more dense, vibrant & shiny
  • Apart from the supplied chemicals, the application has no side effects.
  • The cost is low.
  • The success rate of the application is high.
  • Sessions are short in duration.
  • The application is relatively easy, effortless, pain and painless.
  • Treatment methods in addition to hair mesotherapy treatment

Application can be done by combining additional treatment methods depending on the situation of the person. Examples of these methods; hair laser and radio frequency methods can be given. Medication treatment method can be used after application.

Is hair mesotherapy a definitive treatment?

The drugs used in hair mesotherapy have no side effects other than the side effects of each drug. The chemicals supplied are often limited to nutrients. Therefore, hair mesotherapy is a highly successful treatment. It stops the hair loss and gives the hair density and vitality.

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