Eyebrow Transplantation

Eyebrow Transplantation

Why eyebrow transplantation?

Aesthetic appearance is a condition that people care about today. The face is the window to the outside. It is the most important organ with teeth in face, appearance and smile aesthetics. People may experience congenital or various diseases or diseases that affect the aesthetics of the face as a result of external influences such as traffic accidents, home and work accidents. These conditions lead to psychological disorders, decrease the joy of living and affect their social lives.

Every day medical developments have started to be used in facial aesthetics. Now, hair transplantation can be done successfully as well as eyebrow transplantation. Accidents, burn treatments, eyebrow loss due to some diseases or no congenital eyebrows can be treated with eyebrow transplantation.

How to apply eyebrow transplantation?

FUE technique is widely used in eyebrow transplantation as in hair transplantation. The FUE technique is a simple technique that is easy to apply and can be applied to patients of any age who do not have a serious disease that interferes with the operation. In the FUE method, hair follicles in the form of small units consisting of hair roots and the tissues that feed it are taken from the nape region one by one with round incisions with the help of a specially developed motor.

Eyebrow transplantation is the process of placing hair follicles taken from the nape of the person who does not experience hair loss to the previously opened channels in the eyebrow area to be transplanted.

In the examination performed before the transplantation, an eyebrow model that is suitable for the patient and desired by the patient is determined. The detected eyebrow model is drawn to the eyebrow area with a pencil to allow the patient to monitor the situation that will arise after the operation and to ensure the appearance of the preferred model.

The number of hair follicles required for planting is then determined, which will form a view of sufficient density to the area where the borders are drawn. Accordingly, a specified number of hair follicles are taken from the patient’s own nape. Roots are collected one by one with the help of micromotor or manual punch. The direction of the channels to be opened for a natural and beautiful image is determined very precisely and for this, the lateral slit and the channels where the hair follicles to be transplanted are placed are opened. Eyebrow transplantation should work very meticulously. Because even a small mistake in eyebrow transplantation can cause a bad appearance. Prior to sowing, first local anesthesia is applied to the eyebrow area.

The hair follicles collected from the donor area are placed one by one in the opened channels, taking into account their directions. No pain or pain is felt during this procedure. Sowing takes about 2 hours. After October, the patient may return home. The patient should protect the eyebrow area against external influences and trauma such as impacting to keep the roots transplanted after the operation.

What happens after sowing eyebrows?

Approximately 2 weeks after eyebrow transplantation, the scabbing of the eyebrows ceases. As in hair transplantation, the first hair loss is seen. This spill is normal and should not be interpreted as failure of the operation. It can take as long as 3 months for the roots to grow from the cultivated roots. Eyebrow growth from all roots occurs after a period of up to 6 months.

Who is applying for eyebrow transplantation?

The most common applicants for eyebrow transplantation are women who want thick eyebrows for aesthetic purposes and those who have taken their eyebrows in order to comply with the fine eyebrow fashion and thus the eyebrows have become thinner and sparse.

Furthermore, for people who have partially or completely damaged their eyebrows as a result of burn treatment or various accidents, eyebrow transplantation has become a beacon of hope. With this application, people who have lost their eyebrows can get old images.

Eyebrow transplantation has no side effects. There is no health problem after the procedure,

It should be well known by the physician that factors such as the spacing, arrangement, exit angle and direction of the hair follicles transplanted in eyebrow transplantation are effective in obtaining the natural appearance. The number of hair follicles to be transferred in the unit centimeter square area should be decided carefully before the operation considering the eyebrow model of the person. If necessary attention is paid to these issues, the operation gives successful results and a natural appearance is obtained.

Eyebrow cultivation prices

It is difficult to talk about a fixed price for eyebrow transplantation, but overall eyebrow transplantation prices are quite high. Prices vary according to the clinic, doctor, number of hair follicles to be transferred. However, it is possible to say that no matter how many roots you sow, the price will not be as much as the hair transplant. In an operation where 200 to 700 hair follicles are transplanted, it can be said that the prices will vary between 500-1700 Euros. Another pricing method applied in some clinics is 5 tl for a root plantation, the total

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payment fee is calculated over this unit price according to the number of roots to be cultivated.

Does eyebrow transplant hurt?

As local anesthesia is performed during eyebrow transplantation, the patient does not feel any pain or pain.

Condition after eyebrow transplantation

Eyebrow roots need to be planted and shaved at regular intervals when new eyebrows emerge after healing. As the roots are transplanted into the eyebrow area, the newly emerged eyebrows do not remain as short as an eyebrow and tend to grow like hair. In this case, the patient has to shorten his eyebrows properly in order to keep his eyebrows within the limits of his natural appearance. This shaving procedure is continued for approximately one year.

A year later, the transplanted hair follicles gain the naturalness of eyebrow growth in the area, but not as fast as hair, but tend to grow slowly like an eyebrow. After the transferred hair follicles acquire this natural development character, shaving is not necessary.

After 6 months of transplanting roots, hair growth is largely completed. Just like innate eyebrows can be easily shaped. After a year after the planting process, if necessary, a new planting process can also be done to have firmer and thicker eyebrows.

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