DHI Hair Transplantation

DHI Hair Transplantation

DHI hair transplantation method

The main advantage of this method is that more frequent and more natural hair transplantation can be performed by focusing on the gaps between the hair without damaging existing hair.

Since the recovery process is faster compared to classical techniques, normal life can be returned as soon as possible.

How is DHI hair transplantation done?

First of all, the structure, quality, hair loss potential, density of donor area and the number of grafts that can be transplanted are calculated by using computer-aided hair analysis.

Preferably, your hair is cut to a certain length and prepared for the design of your front hairline. Donor region is anesthetized and the neck region is anesthetized. Then one piece of tissue around the hair follicles is left one by one and removed with the help of micromotor without being damaged.

In order to prolong the life of the tissue grafts and to maintain the quality of the hair grafts, the tissue is stored in protective solution as single, double and triple.

After the tissue removal process is completed, local anesthesia of

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the area to be transplanted is performed. The grafts are then inserted into the implant pens one by one according to the graft thickness. Hair transplantation starts from the planned front hair line and the grafts placed in the pens are planted in accordance with the natural exit angles of the hair. In this way, the existing hair is preserved and the planting process is completed.

DHI hair transplantation healing process

In the DHI hair transplantation technique, since the channel is not opened, the crusting time is much lower than the conventional techniques and the healing process is very fast.

The hair goes through the process of crusting and shedding for 5-6 days after the operation. In 15-21 days, the ‘shock spill phase’ begins, then the spill progress slows down and stops.

After 3 months, new hairs become observable.

In the sixth month, we can see that the hair grows at a rate of 60-70%.

In the 12th month, we have reached the final state of the hair, we observe that the hair has grown to 99%.

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