Beard and Mustache Transplantation

Beard and Mustache Transplantation

Beard and Mustache Transplantation

Beard transplantation, which is a life-saving practice for many men, is performed in many private hospitals and hair transplantation clinics in our country. All of the beard transplanters were satisfied with the results and achieved the appearance they wanted.

The result of successful practices in the field of beard cultivation is known throughout the world. Every year millions of foreign tourists come to our country within the scope of health tourism. Foreign tourists who visited and operated both at the prices and payment terms and the successful results of beard planting in our country while vacationing, they also improved their appearance.

Beard planting prices vary according to the intensity of the beard. These applications, which must be performed with great care, are made with hairs taken especially from the neck area for the results to be successful. High quality hair roots can be taken from the nape, neck and other parts of the body. The most important point determining the price in beard transplantation is the number of grafts and the quality of the grafts taken. The more beard roots are transplanted, the higher the planting price will be.

Is Beard Transplant A Painful Operation?

Beard transplantation is an application made by transplanting the hair from the neck to the beard. Beard transplantation does not cause pain because it is done with very small needles and the application area is numbed.

Since sedation, which is the most up-to-date anesthesia method, is performed during beard transplantation, no pain or pain is felt during or after the procedure.

People who have beard transplantation can return home immediately after the treatment and wash their beard after 48 hours.

Beard Transplantation

  • For those with sparse beards,
  • Those whose beard has accidentally blunted areas,
  • To sex change people,
  • People whose beard is called a corner which does not grow due to its structure,
  • It can be done to people who have lack of beard.

Is Beard Shed After Beard Transplantation?

Beard cultivation is a permanent application. Since the stem cells taken from your own hair follicles are planted after the application, the beards that appear with a natural appearance are permanent for a lifetime.

After the application of beard planting, which is the solution of everyone who wants a permanent solution, the beard is shed within a week or two. But this is an expected loss and the beards that are shed between 4 and 8 months start to grow permanently with a natural rate

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Is Beard Transplantation Risky?

Beard transplantation is carried out with hair follicles obtained from one’s own cells and therefore carries no risk.

You can get the result of beard cultivation, which is an application that everyone can do with peace of mind, and you can get rid of the problems that occur permanently in the beards. People who have beard transplantation are generally satisfied with the results. For this reason, beard transplantation, which has no side effects and is an application, is very preferred.

Millions of tourists who come to our country every year can get rid of these situations where they are psychologically affected by beard or hair transplantation. Beard transplantation, hair transplantation, eyebrow transplantation applications such as 100% successful results and all people who have done the application is satisfied with the results.

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